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CAPi is designed for prediction of Apicoplast inhibitors against Plasmodium parasite. This software is trained on a high-throughput chemical screening data from PubChem Bioassay. In this, we applied machine learning software Weka for prediction of apicoplast inhibitory molecules. This is written in Perl and required three major third party software. Therefore, We requested the users to follow the detailed installation instruction given in the README file of software.

Users will required the following software.

1. Weka: A machine learning software that can be downloaded from https://sourceforge.net/projects/weka/

2. PaDEL Descriptors: PaDEL software developed by National University of Singapore that calculates diverse properties of molecules utilized in the CAPi software. This software can be downloaded from http://www.yapcwsoft.com/dd/padeldescriptor/

In addition to that on window platform, Users also need to install

3. Active-Perl: On window operating system, users also required to download and install active perl to run the perl program. This software can be obtained from http://www.activestate.com/activeperl/downloads.

Before downloading, Please ensure the type of operating system (32 or 64 bits) and download it's corresponding version.

4. Cygwin: Provides Unix-like environment on the window system. Thus, it is possible to launch Windows applications from the Cygwin environment, as well as to use Cygwin tools and applications within the Windows operating context. It is free and open source software, released under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.

In order to install the software, Please
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Follow the instruction given here to properly install and path setup the software Click here for Instruction